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June result

After the recent rain, we were not sure what the weather would hold, however, it was just fine and at times quite hot. We set what we thought would be an easy shoot, however, it was quite deceptive and a number of stands proved to be fairly tricky. The scores were consistent throughout all the leagues and no one ran off with a high score.

Highest score of the day was 42, shot by 3 shooters, L Haysom, R Loy and S Pain.

AA class winner L. Haysom / R. Loy 42
2nd M. Garrad 40
3rd L. Ward 39
A class Winner P. Morgan / B. Scotton / P. Stacey / J Ferrari 39
2nd L. Major 38
3rd C. Brant / C. Wilkinson / D. Lyon 37
B Class Winner S. Pain 42
2nd H. Wade 40
3rd F. Warrick 38
C Class Winner A. Saunders 33
2nd A. Loveall / M. Magnavacca / I. Langdale 28
3rd G. Lines 27

June shoot report

We tried a number of different presentations this month, Teal on stand 1, the tower on stand 3 and the woods on stand 4 were all new. 2 of the stands stood out as being quite easy, and 2 stands were the opposite being quite hard. As a result, the scores were all quite close and statistically this has been the hardest shoot of the year so far with an average of 31.299.

Stand 1 - Shot from the left hand side, a Teal and then slow R-L standard on report.
         Both targets were quite slow, the teal was high and clear and the standard drifted in front of the stand.
         This was the easiest stand of the day and 20 people straighted it.

Stand 2 - Shot from the left stand over the lake, a R-L quartering pair.
         Relatively straight forward pair over the lake, although not many people straighted it.
         Consistently good scores on this stand, but only 3 people managed to straight it.

Stand 3 - Overhead Chicken and Egg from the tower.
         First time the tower has been in use on this stand for a very long time.
         The presentation initially looked like it should have been fairly straight-forward, but it caused a lot of problems.
         As a result, this was the hardest stand of the day and no one straighted it.

Stand 4 - Shot from the stand, low blaze disappearing into the wood.
         A new presentation with the target flying low into the woods to the left.
         No real problems for the majority of shooters.
         Second easiest stand of the day, 19 people straighted this stand.

Stand 5 - Right to left crossing midi directly in front of the stand, followed by standard going away high, on report.
         Both targets individually were ok, but the combination appeared to cause some people some problems.
         This stand had mixed results but despite some good scores, only 2 people managed to straight it.

Stand 6 - Right to Left quartering standard going away, followed by L-R fast standard through the trees.
         Both targets caused some problems and there was a wide range of scores.
         Only 1 person straighted this stand and it was the 2nd hardest of the day.