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July result

Highest score of the day was 46 and was shot by S. Langdale.

AA class winner S. Langdale 46
2nd C. Corfield 43
3rd L. Mager / M. Garrad / A. Langdale 41
A class Winner F. Warwick 40
2nd J. Riley / M. Kempner 39
3rd R. Francis 38
B Class Winner D. Pinner 39
2nd S. Cartwright 37
3rd J. Carter 36
C Class Winner P. Goodhew 40
2nd A. Saunders 37
3rd M. Magnavacca 33

July shoot report

Weather held off for a good July shoot.
The shoot was setup with mostly easy targets and a few difficult targets/stands to separate the scores. Again some high scores were seen through all the leagues.
Statistically the average for this shoot was 32.303.

Stand 1 - Normal location in the trees, 3 pairs: High slow bird with going away standard on rapport.
         The high bird was almost overhead so it was edge on when shot. Going away bird also allowed for lots of time.
         This was the easiest stand of the day and 20 people straighted it.

Stand 2 - Lake, 3 pairs: R-L fast crossing target followed by L-R quartering standard rapport.
         The crosser over the lake was fast and the quartering target was in the opposite direction so lots of swinging guns.
         3rd easiest stand of the day and 15 people straighted it.

Stand 3 - Car Park, 4 pairs: R-L Quartering going away standard, with rabbit on rapport.
         Finally a rabbit returns to Shawlands! Although, it was a litle obscured by the long grass.
         3 people straighted this stand.

Stand 4 - Dingley Dell, 4 pairs: Shot from small tower, low going away standard with High incoming standard on rapport.
         Both targets pretty simple. Some people shot this as a sim pair which was not that much harder.
         2nd Easiest stand of the day, and 19 people straighted it.

Stand 5 - Hedgerow stand, 3 pairs: Overhead going away target - repeated on rapport.
         This stand had to be altered at the last minute due to a trap failure.
         Fairly easy overhead target but surprisingly lower scores than expected.
         8 people straighted it.

Stand 6 - Telegraph tower stand, 4 pairs: Simultaneous quartering pair.
         A quartering simultaneous pair from R-L. Not too hard in principle but caught a few people out.
         2nd hardest stand of the day and only 2 people straighted this stand.

Stand 7 - Woodcock trailer stand, 4 pairs: R-L simultaneous crossing pair.
         Pair of birds shot through the trees. Fairly hard stand, shooting the birds through the trees.
         2nd bird was quite a lot further out than the first, so lead was different.
         Hardest stand of the day and only 1 person straighted it.