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Classifications 2012

Following the information provided about the classifications, the cut off for the leagues are as follows:

The new classifications for the members in the 2012 season are below (click on the header to change the sorting).

The Average Type column indicates whether the average is an Actual or Rolling average. For more information about Rolling or Actual averages, see the information provided about the classifications.

Surname Initial Average AverageType Classification
Barley D 47.2858 A C
Barnes B 35.3334 R C
Beech A 74 A A
Bennett M 67.6 A A
Bennett A. M 58.7142 A C
Brant C 0 U C
Burchell R 62.1538 A B
Burton J 0 U C
Cardy D 73.4546 A A
Carter J 67.2 A B
Cartwright S 62.1428 A B
Cecconello C 0 U C
Chapman G 60.25 A B
Clack P 65.6 R B
Clarke A 48.4444 A C
Clements J 58 A C
Cole R 53.5714 A C
Corfield C 85.6364 A AA
Cornwell P 68.5 A A
Costin T 0 U C
Coyne J 46.75 A C
Creton D 69.2 A A
Daly W 66.8 A B
Dawson K 59.2 A C
Day R 59.3334 R B
Deacon-Jackson A 58.8 A C
DeRosa B 63.2 A B
Edwards D 64 A B
Evans J 74.1428 A A
Ferguson A 62.8 R B
Ferrari J 74 R A
Fielder L 74.1428 R A
Fisher B 0 U C
Francis R 71.6924 A A
Fuller G 0 U C
Galbraith R 62.7692 A B
Garrad M 78.8572 A AA
Gibbs S 44.4 R C
Goddard S 58.1538 A C
Goodhew P 66.4 A B
Gray N 70 R A
Grimes M 80.7142 R AA
Hall M 54.4616 A C
Hammond I 74.7272 A AA
Hand I 0 U C
Harney G 63.8334 A B
Hart R 79.5 R AA
Helden C 78 A AA
Hill V 87.6 R AA
Holliman B 0 U C
Holliman G 79.1666 A AA
Jarrett B 69.8 A A
Johnson P 0 U C
Johnson M 72.6154 A A
Johnson P 0 U C
Jones D 58.1428 A C
Kempner M 70.5 A A
Kitchen R 0 U C
Langdale I 66.2222 A B
Langdale A 74.6666 A AA
Langdale S 82.7272 A AA
Latreille M 58 A C
Lindsay J 75.4546 A AA
Lines G 61.077 R B
Loveall A 61.1428 A B
Lovell D 60.8 R B
Loy S 59.4286 A B
Loy R 81.8572 A AA
Lyon D 74.2858 A A
Mager L 79 A AA
Magnavacca P 0 U C
Magnavacca M 60 A B
Miles D 0 U C
Moisley G 52.8 R C
Morgan P 70.6666 A A
Moyse S 0 U C
Mullins D 58.923 A C
Newbury G 73.3846 A A
Newman G 60.5 R B
Newman B 59.4 A B
Newman K 56 R C
Pain S 80.2666 A AA
Palmer M 47 A C
Patman K 0 U C
Peel G 58.67 A C
Pinner D 58.5714 A C
Punyer J 0 U C
Ravenhill P 64 A B
Raza A 62.6666 A B
Renaut P 53.3334 R C
Renaut S 24 R C
Riley J 76.1818 A AA
Roach P 56.5454 A C
Ross R 0 U C
Rouse D 78 A AA
Rowe N 56.8888 A C
Rule K 67.6 A A
Saunders A 60.8572 R B
Scotton B 74.6368 A AA
Shepherd F 60.5714 R B
Slattery J 57.6666 R C
Sloper B 0 U C
Snook C 34.5454 R C
Sorrell R 72.1538 A A
Stacey P 77.7778 A AA
Thomas D 48.3636 A C
Thompson M 71.6924 A A
Thompson G 62 A B
Troullides Y 0 U C
Vincent S 60.25 A B
Wade H 64 A B
Walker M 52.5 A C
Walker N 46 A C
Walpole I 53.2728 A C
Warren D 0 U C
Warwick C 65.33 A B
Warwick F 76.1428 A AA
Welfare P 70.2858 A A
Wicks R 73.7778 R A
Wilgoss R 79.6666 A AA
Wilkinson C 76.1666 A AA
Wilson A 60.25 A B
Wood K 67 A B
Wooldridge M 44 R C